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The medical pharmaceutical company “Biola” is one of the largest companies, distributing in Kazakhstan high-quality healthcare products, nutritional supplements, medical devices, disposals, related products and cosmetics, produced by Eastern and Western European, US, Indian and Chinese manufacturers. All “Biola’s” suppliers are ISO and GMP certified.
Brief history … The medical pharmaceutical company “Biola” was founded in 1996 – during a period when Kazakhstan’s pharmaceutical market was grown quickly. The company chose the word Bio (from the Greek Bios, meaning life) as the basis for its name and started operations as a joint Kazakhstan-Ukrainian company. It quickly became one of the country’s ten largest wholesale pharmaceutical companies and a member of the Association of Importers of Pharmaceutical Products. By 1999, for a number of reasons, competition on the pharmaceuticals market had peaked and profits began to fall. The company had to choose: either make additional investment to further expand its range and improve service levels to attract new clients, often in detriment to business plans and common sense, or leave the market. “Biola” decided to find its niche in the market and not “push and shove” with the others. So it started to deal exclusively in the distribution and promotion of products under its own brands, combining that with the representation of foreign companies, manufacturers and wholesale warehouse.
Today “Biola” is a dynamic marketing company that actively follows any changes in the Kazakhstan pharmaceutical market. In 2004 it was awarded the gold medal from the Higher Institute of Business and Management “INSAM” (Geneva, Switzerland) for its impeccable business reputation.
Many of our products, such as Biogloves®, Bioset® and Bioscalp® infusion and transfusion sets, Bioject® syringes, Bi-Test pregnancy and ovulation tests, Biopress® blood pressure kits, Biotherm® thermometers, Faringocept, Agisept®, ArthroStop, GinkoPrim, Prostenal, Lecithin, Denoxinal, Varixinal, Urinal food supplements and many others, are well known in Kazakhstan.
The main reason behind our products’ success is the optimum correlation between price and quality.
However, we’re not stopping there! As today’s demand for quality can only be met with the aid of a complex and system approach, “Biola” has implemented and maintains a recognised model of quality management system with its ISO 9001:2008 certification.
We are constantly studying our clients’ needs, we know what they want and are constantly striving to predict their future requirements and expectations. Therefore, today, as always, we are working at expanding the range of our products. Next year, our customers can expect a lot of surprises.
Stay with us! Thank you for your support and we are looking forward for a good working relationship in the future.

General director
Dr. A.Livshits
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