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•  Antiseptic
•  Has anti-inflammatory, analgesic and local-anaesthetic properties
•  Coagulates bacterial protein, active in a wide range of gram-positive
   and gram-negative microorganisms in vitro
•  Has antifungal properties
•  Removes symptoms of inflammation of the upper airway mucus
   membrane, has decongestive properties for the mucus membrane.
   Reduces the effects of nasal congestion.
   Eases throat inflammation and pain.
•  Takes effect quickly
•  Available in pastille form
   (amylmetacresol 0.6 mg, dichlorobenzene spirit 1.2 mg) №24, classic,
   lemon and honey, lemon, honey, menthol and eucalyptus,
   pineapple, orange, banana, cherry, strawberry, and raspberry flavours
•  Dosage: adults and children – 1 pastille every 2-3 hours.
   Maximum daily dose – 8 pastilles

Made in India
Meets GMP requirements



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