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•  Perfect for removing make up easily from the face, eyelids,
   lips or neck
•  Delicately clean, moisturise and tone the skin
•  Perfect for any skin type
•  Made from non-woven fibres, which allow the wipes to clean
   the skin well
•  Impregnated with soothing lotion and has neutral рН
•  Thanks to the unique lotion formula Biowipes® doesn’t leave
   sticky or clammy feeling on the skin after use
•  Excellent for cleaning and toning skin, leaving a long-lasting
   feeling of freshness
•  Contain vitamin E and Aloe Vera
•  Do not contain spirit or lanolin, which means that Biowipes®
   are perfect for sensitive skin
•  Maintains natural skin balance and do not cause allergies
•  Are soft, light and have a very pleasant smell
•  Remains wetness for a long time
•  Excellent for daily use and perfect for long journeys
•  Size - 15×20 cm

Made in China


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